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Dog walking services in vadodara

Providing Safe, Convenient Dog Walking Services in Vadodara

Dog Walking Services in Vadodara by POMPETS are one of the best in over Vadodara. We have our own Dedicated team of Dog walkers who give your beastie a daily Walking Exercise to keep him Fit, fine and energetic. We provide the justify service and believe in long term Customer Service.

Dog Walking is really important part of Dogs. This is an activity that helps them exercise and on the other end, they complete their daily routine activity of peeing and pooing outside your house. As a result of this, they get into the habit of doing all the messy things outside so your house is clean. We face this kind of issue in our day to day life. We provide you with the service in such a way that you don’t feel any issue. We save your time so that you continue with your morning routine very straight. IF you talk about our Dog Walking service then there is nothing to worry about.

We are growing ourselves in such a way, where we don’t extra space or walking areas for our dogs. Many times this happens your dog poos in the house or pees. For this we have taken up the solution. The solution will be best for you and your Dog. You need to stay worryless and we take all the worries of walking your dog on us. We are onself the dog lovers and we also love your puppy or Dog as you. We will help you in taking care of your lovely friend who keeps you entertained from morning to evening. Atleast you and us together can do something for him/her.

Summing up try our service at least a month so that you will get the idea that how it is changing your morning and evening life as you continue to your work we take care of your dog as giving you dedicated team members you.

POMPETS Testimonials


Amazing place for dog grooming. Very friendly hosts. Must visit if you have a pet.
shalaka dhamdhere


Fair services on affordable prices, very professional also. My dog is smelling nice and the coat is groomed well after bath

Neha Singh


It was really great experience of grooming my pets at this place would blindly recommend any one
Sumeet Goyal

Friendly with dog.So 100% Recommend.Satisfied with Grooming.
alka patel


I bought dog food got discount. Good friendly nature
Shekhar Varma


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

akash chaudhary


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Nirav Pandya


Frequently Asked Questions

QNA that every single person may ask

Dog walking is Important for his health. While we understand that you cannot go out during lockdown. But, you have a purpose as you want your dog to walk. 

The Reason is the dog should poo and pee outside. You can ask the police or the corporator.  Because I had also spoken with the police But, to be very frank when the police guy came to one of my team members for catching for his own Dog walking activity outside. 

The Dog jumped on the police with two legs so he frightened and Did nothing. 

From the next day, he stopped such activities. So nothing to worry about.  

So ultimately dogs cannot poo and pee in houses. The dog needs to walk on the non-tiled floor. 

Also, follow all the government guidelines like mask, senatization, etc.


SO hope little funny but, you may like my answer.

Elements that influence the price of canine strolling

Pet dog walking is a quite simple solution, there are still several variables that can influence the cost that you’ll have to pay.

These generally include the following:

Variety of Dogs and their Nature

If you have two pets, professional dog pedestrians will naturally charge you a lot more.

Nonetheless, you can anticipate a substantial discount on the cost if you have an additional canine.

Dog walkers offer as long as 50% off for walking the 2nd dog. But, depends on various Conditions.

Regularity of service

Professional dog walking organizations want to give even more discounts if you schedule them often.

They can take 10% off on the overall rate

if you get off their services five days a week (Monday– Friday).

On the other end, the normal day charges stay normal but, weekend daily charges can be doubled.

Added solutions entailed

The majority of pet dog walking organizations do group walks, where your pet would be walked together with various other pets.

If your pet can not be put with various other canines, the business will certainly provide private strolls for your pet.

Number of walks in a day

For a lot of pet dogs, one expert stroll per day ought to be enough.

However, if you have a young canine that’s an active as well as functioning breeds like a Kelpie or Boundary Collie, 2 strolls a day is much more perfect.

This solution consists of one stroll in the morning and also one in the evening.

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