Beeps Whitening Shampoo, 502 ml


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  • FOR WHITE AND BLENDED DOGS: No matter what color fur your dog has, this whitening shampoo will brighten and clean for a perfect shine! Their white fur will be radiant, and their colored fur will glow!
  • INFUSED WITH CHAMOMILE: Natural ingredients such as chamomile extract can soothe itchy and irritated skin. It’s the perfect sensitive-skin shampoo for dogs—no matter their size or coat color!
  • MAKE BATH TIME FUN: You and your dog will love this gentle shampoo as you bond and play during a bath. Make your connection deeper and cleaner. Our bath products are best used when having a good time!
  • SMELLS GREAT: The blueberry fragrance used for this product is fun and fresh! Deodorize your smelly dog and deep clean their fur. With this shampoo, your pup will smell as clean as they look.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Feel comfortable with what you are using for your pet. Our products are safe and bleach free, so your pet’s fur will be clean and bright, and their skin will be soothed as well!

Product Description

Beeps Whitening Shampoo is indicated for white-haired dogs from 12 weeks. It leaves the hair of its furry white and soft, enhancing the color and even in the other coat colors it achieves a shinier coat. Aroma of blueberries. Also suitable for cats. 500 ml container.


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